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Construction services include:

For more than 30+ years, PEPG Consulting, L.L.C. has been providing support services for civil construction projects as a representative of the owner or contractor. In this representative role, you'll be confident the construction of your project follows the specifications, plans and conditions of the contract.


As the representative of the owner, PEPG Consulting, L.L.C. is able to answer questions, provide required professional documentation as well as value engineering services while making sure the owner, contractor and public are protected with pre-construction video surveys and vibration monitoring services.

• Project coordination and Scheduling

• Contract administration

• Construction oversight and inspection

• Value engineering

• Traffic control support

• SWPPP support

• Pre-construction video surveys

• Vibration monitoring

Let our expertise provide all of

the answers to the questions that will be asked about your project, so you have time to tackle other important tasks.


Trust our 30+ years of experience


Part of architectural project

Value Engineering for the

Provo Reservoir Canal Enclosure

in Utah County

Municipal and public works