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Project Owner: Provo River Water Users.  Association & Bureau

of Reclamation

Project Specifications:

• Complete enclosure of the open canal

• 21 miles long, carries water from the

   mouth of Provo Canyon

   to the Point of the Mountain

• Installation of 126 inch pipeline

• Each section of pipe is 10 feet long

• Canal became a non-motorized trail for

  joggers, bicyclists and equestrian use


Key Services Provided by PEPG:

 • Geotechnical and construction

   engineering solutions

• Trench excavation support

• Geotechnical engineering and design

   at various main utility crossings

• Materials evaluation and hydraulic engineering for the I-15 Siphon

• Soil diversion plans for the American Fork River, Bull River Ditch,

  and other emergency overflows

Roads, septic/sewer systems, utility and flood control, and so much more.


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Project Owner:  FHWA Central Federal Lands Highway Division

Project Specifications:

• 7 mile road located in the Fish Lake

   National Forest in Sevier County, Utah

• Re-aligning specific segments,

   widening the right-of-way

• Constructing or improving

   culvert crossings, installing

   blanket drains, and constructing

   ull out areas

• Located in a topographically

  diverse area with steep slopes

   and elevations over 10,000 ft.


Key Services Provided by PEPG:

• Coordination

• Construction Staking

• Value Engineering & Design


Project Owner:  Snow Canyon Development

Project Specifications:

 200 Unit Residential and recreation

   community that encompasses 100 acres

• 60% consists of single family housing

• Common recreation area containing

   tennis courts, pool, spa and clubhouse

• Located in an extremely science and

   environmentally sensitive area sharing

   boundaries with both Snow Canyon

   Stake Park and the Tortoise Reserve


Key Services Provided by PEPG:

  Boundary and topographic surveying

   and mapping of site

• Hydrologic analysis

• Development engineering and mitigation

• Providing permitting services

• Construction staking

• Platting


Project Owner:  Snow Canyon Development

Project Specifications: 

Gated community at an average

elevation of 8,000 feet

• 14,000 acres under greenbelt status

  and adjoins about 2.2 million acres

  of forestland

• 84 lots each of 160 acres or more

• 28 stall equestrian center with outbuildings,

   a guard house, a guest house, an owner’s

  lodge and heliport

• 50 miles of mix-used trails, 27 miles

  of roadway

• Several fishing ponds, a centralized

   water system, and underground

   utilities system and a buried fiber

   optic phone line system


Key Services Provided by PEPG:

Full engineering services

• Road design

• Storm water system modeling and design

• Cadastral boundary and topographical surveys and construction staking


Project Owner: Woodbury Corporation

Project Specifications:

210 acre commercial development

located in Utah County

• Development consisted of several large

  retail sites including:

• Walmart

• Home Depot

• Best Buy

• Kohl’s

• Cinemark Theater 


Key Services Provided by PEPG:

• Initial wetland and environmental studies

  of original site working with the Army

  Corp of Engineers

• Survey services including initial boundary

   and ALTA surveys, easement and right of way

  preparation, utility location, topographical surveys

   and construction staking

• Assisted client with master planning of overall project

• Designed all of the infrastructure and utilities in the entire center, including water, sewer,    

  storm drain, city roadways, bridges and state road improvements

• Civil engineering for the majority of the individual commercial pad sites


Project Owner:  Utah Department of Transportation

Project Specifications:

4.5 miles of roadway and an

interchange with I-15

• 5 box culverts replaced or extended

• Widening of I-15

• 3 new bridges

• Massive settlement sites


Key Services Provided by PEPG:

• Construction Surveying and Pre-construction

   Surveys in adjacent homes

• Permitting and Hydraulic Engineering

   to design a bypass channel for the

   Jordan River crossing and water

   line construction

• Detailed drawings and coordination

   with land owners and the taxing

   commission for the crusher site

• Negotiated with land owners and found an on-site

   gravel pit and waste site, saving millions of dollars

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